It has been since we lost our son.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Our mini-poppet.

I look at your tiny perfect face every day and every day I miss you.

Your Daddy thinks of you too, he loved you and wanted you so much.

You would have loved having him for a Dad, he would have learned how to play with you and taught you so much. He would have learned how to be the Dad he didn't get and protected you from the world. He would have been proud of all of your achievements and bragged about his son. He would have made you laugh and giggle.

We would have started having the Christmases we remember from our childhoods. With a big tree and lots of little presents, fun, family and love. We didn't this year. This year we are too sad that you aren't inside my tummy.

You would have been a lucky boy.

And we would have been lucky parents.

We miss you George.